From the Team Members

Nick Dallege
As the team leader and delegator, I have high expectations for my team. It is my goal for our team to advance to the World Competition in St. Louis at least once during my FTC career. I plan on being with FTC through high school and I hope to mentor a team while I’m in college. Now, in my senior year, I hope to leave the team well prepared for future competitions and to see that all team members benefit from FTC as much as I have.
Tyler Gates
Hi, my name is That Guy, and I enjoy working in FTC and- ( “Tyler tends to get whisked away to do work by other members of the build team.  Needless to say, Tyler is a hard worker.” – Source unknown)
Thomas Smeed
In his free time, Thomas enjoys to game on computers, play cookie clicker, work on this website, listen to music, and to play with his awesome dog named Charlie. Thomas was born in Arizona in 1999 and moved to Iowa in 2001. He has enjoyed being in FLL and hopes to have just as much fun in FTC.
Noelle O’Brien
If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I have the attention span of a… my favorite color is lime green and my favorite movie is How To Train Your Dragon, which I am beyond obsessed with. I am also obsessed with everything Pixar and movie soundtracks (I own over 400 soundtrack songs on my iPod), which brings me to my next point- music is my life. I have been playing the piano since kindergarten, and now I am a sophomore (so around ten years). I also play the flute (mine is named Chantelle) and I have recently acquired a piccolo, which I affectionately named Piper. I have also recently taken to composing music (which is really hard). Outside of music, I enjoy reading, writing, and drawing. I like science and math, and hope to be an engineer, which is why I am in robotics. This will be my second year in robotics.
Andrew Greeb
An enigma – a lack evidence – follows behind the story of his life deeming him unknown to all those around him. If people had cared, then they might be able to get to know him but what secrets does his mind hold, no one knows; maybe even himself doesn’t know. 🙂
Jess Cooper
Hi! So if I am correct, you want to know about me. That, I am told, is the purpose of a bio, which is what I appear to be writing. Well, since I’m not entirely sure what you would like to know of me, I’m not about to hand out important information, such as eye color, or favorite lotion. I might give you my social security number, seeing as how that’s not nearly as important, except I don’t know it and seem to have misplaced my card. Well, I suppose although it is very important, I shall relent to allow you my name. It is Jess, see now? I’ve disclosed precious information to you. Guard it closely and don’t allow it to fall into the hands of those it shouldn’t. I’m trusting you with this; there will be consequences if I am not obeyed. Now go, for I think I’ve told you quite enough!
Jacob Jennet
Jacob enjoys programming and messing with Thomas. He likes science, mainly biochemistry. In his free time, he enjoys researching, programming, and theorizing.
Jon Anderson
Known as Sonic to the team, I am a nationally ranked race walker and the fastest on the team. I can help where ever I am needed on the team, whether it is programming or business work; I go where I am needed. I also love to play Pokémon and Sonic games. I also make the videos for our team.
Danny Rosenthal
Hi. I am Danny Rosenthal and I am a junior at Kennedy. I have been participating in First Lego LEAGUE ever since fifth grade at Pierce Elementary School. I loved it and decided to go on to participate in FIRST activities in high school. I can’t wait until the season gets going!
George Qi
First, I’d like to be known as Captain Awesome. I have had some robotics experience off and on, and I’m the smart and popular kid on the team. (Really? NO!!) Second, if I could, I want to morph into one of those hybrid animals, like a Beefalo. Last, did you know a llama’s scientific name is Lama glama?

Thomas Luong-Tran

Hi, I’m Thomas; nice to meet you! I did Lego League in elementary school, so when I heard about robotics (FTC), I was extremely interested. I’m a huge gamer, so in turn, I’m extremely competitive. I’m a junior at Kennedy this year and I’m excited for this season.

Ian Anderson

This is my second year in FTC robotics. I generally work with marketing and have driven a little.

Jacob Aspinall

I am eighteen and a senior in high school. This is my second year in robotics as a programmer on the team. Outside of robotics, I’m interested in chess, math, science, and video games. I also play the tuba in band. My favorite color is orange, my favorite day of the week is Friday, and my favorite food is pizza.

Emily Cooper

Hi, my name’s Emily Cooper and I’m a sophomore at Kennedy High School. I like fishing, hunting, swimming, reading, messing with people, making up words that sound real, and doing any kind of puzzle or mind game. I also like animals and currently have three dogs and two cats. My favorite color is red and my favorite subject is math. A few things I don’t like are…Well there aren’t too many things I don’t like, and at the moment, the only thing that I can’t stand are people that act stupid when they really aren’t.

Daniel Lovig

I first became interested in robotics in fourth grade when I applied for the Lego League team at my elementary school. In the summer of 2013, I took a computer engineering class at Iowa State University. I’m also interested in mechanical engineering, but I haven’t taken any classes. In robotics, I’ve mostly been working on the mechanical side of the robot, however I also have advised on the program. One of my favorite things to do is play video games. I play Red Crucible and Ratchet and Clank online with Thomas Smeed. I also enjoy playing bari sax and flute in band. I march with flute and do concert band bari sax. I plan to go to ISU for college computer engineering. While I’m at Kennedy High School, I want to take three years of German and four years of math.

Dylan Depanfilis

I like Particle Physics, war history, and reading. As you can see, I have a very polar personality. I hope someone is going to type this out since I have bad handwriting. If not, I’m sorry.

Now Latin: O mors numquam hostis noster! Iocum sciens meliores venit, Et maiora bella; dum quisque pugnator gloriatur supérbi. Ille bellis mori – nam vitae non homines – neque enim cessa

-Wilfred Owen

Alex Young

I like to read, listen to music, and I am in show choir. I don’t really do anything, except go to school, eat, and sleep. Otherwise, I just go sit somewhere and read or listen to music in between show choir practice and robotics club. I just sound awfully interesting, don’t I?

Joey Lewis

Bow ties are cool and do not forget it. I like Doctor Who and video games. I enjoy building robots.

Quote time!!!

“I am right nine times out of ten. But it seems to me that that one time seems to happen a lot more often than it should.” – Albert Einstein.

Noah Matthews

This is my first year in robotics. I like robots and other electronic things. I hope to learn new things and meet new people while in robotics. I also hope I will be a four year robotics team member. I’d also like to be a productive member of the team.

Zachary Peter

This is my second year in robotics. I’m junior in high school. I’ve been to three different schools since I started high school: the first was up in Minnesota, the second was down in Texas, and now I live in Iowa. When I first heard of this robotics league I wanted to join, and that was two years ago when I lived in Minnesota. I remember when I was young I always loved to build things with Legos. My cousin down in Texas got me hooked onto the British SciFi show Doctor Who. I’m also in Boy Scouts, and I’m almost a Eagle scout.

Myron Rundell 

When I was young, I took apart my brother’s toy to figure out how it worked, but I couldn’t get it back together: I have a fascination with building things and taking them apart, which is why I joined in the first place. I also like puzzles and video games such as Portal. I also enjoy reading and fishing with my brother, dad, and grandpa.

Wesley Pearson

I have had an interest in engineering since I was about 7. I like to help my dad fix up our cars and since almost no one else in my family knows how to fix them, we usually help. My dad works at Rockwell Collins and my mom works at Toyota Financial. I have two brothers and I am the middle child. My older brother is a junior, I am a freshmen and my younger brother is in seventh grade. I like engineering, cars, baseball (even though I don’t play it), video games, soccer and playing it (enough to go see a Liverpool game in Chicago and, yes, they were in Chicago), and making the occasional trip to Texas to see family. I have been in FLL for the past 3 years and then the opportunity for this came up and if you read what is above on the engineering thing, you know why I’m here.


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